Site Launch and General Vision

I am launching my website and figured I’d speak to what I am trying to accomplish and the general structure of the site.

For the past few months, I’ve been working on a manifesto that initially was meant to summarize all my personal beliefs (and still does), but then I came to realize in it’s formation that there was an underlying theme that guides many of the beliefs that I have, that of productivity.  So even though it is still a personal manifesto, perhaps it can become a general manifesto around the concept of productivism, if I dare to be pretentious enough to claim that word for myself to define.

You will find the Productivist Manifesto on this site.  It will no doubt be a living document, and will try to keep records of its revisions.  The point of it is to be a relatively concise statement of beliefs about the morality and ethics of individuals, society, politics, and business.  The idea of the blog section of the website is to speak to the individual beliefs stated in the manifesto and why they are justified and true.  Depending on feedback, this could serve as a public forum.

Because of the controversial nature of these ideas, I will try to maintain anonymity except among individuals that I trust.  I’m a capitalist after all, and I still want to maintain my career and marketability to employers.  Unless you’re a leader, politics and business don’t mix, just like how religion and business don’t mix. As an employee, I can’t be seen as presenting ideas that challenge current management.  That’s just politics 101.  However, I aspire to be a leader, and I will need a vision for people to believe in.  This site and manifesto is part of that vision.  Perhaps in time I will be comfortable relieving my anonymity to the general public.

Thanks for reading and I hope you find the ideas here novel and useful to you.  If you have something to critique or mention feel free to reply or reach me at


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