PM 2/11/18 Revision Blog Post

I have included a section on the measurement and nature of wealth.  Since much of the moral philosophy rests on it, I realized that addressing it is critical to productivism’s feasibility, and so decided to amend the manifesto rather than just posting as a blog topic.

I also updated the manifesto in replacing the phrases “political authority” or “distribution of political power” with suffrage in most cases.  For the most part, I mean how voting is determined, and that pretty much is what suffrage means.  However, there is a risk of confusion since suffrage can be by itself lumped with themes that are quite different from tying voting to taxation, but I think it is far more specific than the vague phrases of political authority and distribution of political power.  However, the concept of political authority might be more than just suffrage, which I argue is the point of political rights, which include right to free speech and the like.

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