Constitutional Drafting

I am starting another category which I am calling constitutional drafting.  This is essentially the set of ideas and potential improvements I think we can make to governmental constitutions to better improve the efficiency of government.

I already have quite a number of ideas already laid out in my productivist manifesto under social and political philosophy, but I would like to get more into the details with this blog.  The mechanics of a constitution can be very important to its efficacy and so I would like to address the finer points here.  I’ve been thinking about how best to organize this, whether to migrate the ideas in the manifesto to this blog, or keep the ideas in the manifesto and just expand upon them here.  I suspect in time, once I have have addressed all the important aspects of a constitution, I will try to form a draft that may be more consistent with productivism.

However, as of yet, there are still many issues I have yet to tackle in my mind in order to put forth a consistent constitution.  I hope to address these issues with this blog and then combine the conclusions in the future.

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