About Me and the Site


As a research scientist/engineer in the chemical industry, just as I have come to understand some of the laws of nature through my work and education, I hope to understand the natural laws that govern people, politics, and business.

Nothing in the site is certain, just my current beliefs.  To the extent my beliefs are compatible with nature (of which we as individuals are a part of) is to the extent I wish to act on them.  I hope these ideas spawn discussion on what are the right and wrongs beliefs of both science and morality, and perhaps based on that discussion and reflection, my beliefs will further adapt to reality.  I desire to find the truth and to act on it.

Please check out the Productivist Manifesto, which is a summary of many of my philosophical beliefs, mostly revolving around the principle of productivity.  I try to maintain the manifesto as a blog, where I update and revise it with new realizations and beliefs, so you will find a chain of revisions as it evolves.

I am working on potential improvements to government constitutions that are consistent with Productivism.  You will find some of these in the Productivist Manifesto, as well as the Constitutional Drafting blog section, so please check that out.

Please check out my Blog, where I try to go into more depth and detail justifying why these ideas are true.

Please check out the Forum if your want to introduce yourself or post your own thoughts on these topics.

Feel free to reach out to me at productivist.contact@gmail.com regarding my ideas and pursuits!